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Monday, August 23

More on old photos

A conversation with BLS on Saturday night reveals that she's got pictures of me. The mention of blackmail was dismissed, and when I found out that they were from a family holiday to Devon in about 1975/76 I was relieved. I thought I'd share them with you.

I have no idea where this is. We frequented many beaches in the area, and I even doubt this would be on the same holiday. Maybe BLS or my Dad might remember (although I wouldn't count on it with my father, he can't remember last week). Yes. Check out the flares. Didn't you love the 70s.

This was just outside the village where we stayed. I remember this so vividly, being bundled out of the car to get a photo taken. I think I'd just woken up, and really wasn't interested in what I was supposed to do (see: grin like I'm enjoying myself).

Now this I remember, the front door of our bungalow that we'd spend two weeks in. Yes, I know, call the fashion police. Socks and Sandals. We were young and didn't know any better.

This was obviously a winter's evening at my Grandmother's house. The remarkable thing is returning there a few years ago, and we couldn't even get to the end of the path now, the bottom end of the garden is so overgrown. Note the stranglehold masquerading as a hug from BLS.

Don't you love old photos, especially embarrassing ones?