King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Tuesday, August 31

On the big move

The tales of moving are just too much to type in one day, so I thought I'd summarize them and then fill you in over the next few weeks.
  • Irish Ferries are so much better than Stenaline ferries. 
  • Having no clothes is a serious pain.
  • I had too much stuff to get rid of.
  • Shallot (the cat) doesn't like moving. He also doesn't like litter trays, and he doesn't like cat boxes.
  • TDT and her mate Suzie are angels in disguise.
  • Irish roads (now with added potholes) and fuck off big trailers do not mix
  • Netgear DG834G routers still don't work with Irish broadband.
  • Scooters don't like being moved on the back of trailers.
  • John is being missed by the local kids.
  • I keep thinking of something I've left behind at least once an hour.
  • 3 pints of Vodka and coke when you're that tired is not a good idea.
Plz to be picking the tale of woe you want first from the list above.