King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Friday, August 27

Out and about

So, there I was, making another trip to the dump. As I descended into the valley below, I came upon the main roundabout for the area. Known locally as the Aubrey Roundabout (after the pub that used to be next to it), There was the usual train of traffic waiting to pull onto it. At the front was a poor learner, obviously into his first or second lesson. Behind him was a middle aged gentleman, with a Jaguar, and behind him was a copper in his shiny new Volvo. And then I was behind all of them. The traffic coming from the right was particularly heavy, being lunchtime, and the poor learner driver was unfortunate enough to go to pull away and stall. 3 times. After the third time, the middle aged gentleman with the Jag got out and started to walk towards the learner, presumably to give some sound advice about how to pull away smoothly. Then a tannoy thingy kicked into place from the copper's car.
"We were all learners once sir, please return to your car."
The man turns around, and rather sheepishly does as he's told. Just then, a break in the traffic appears and the poor learner tries to pull away, stalling for a fourth time. Then, without warning, I'm guessing the copper had forgotten to turn off the tannoy because everyone could hear as clear as day,
"Fucking Hell! The twat's only gone and fucking stalled it again."

Might be a delay or two next week in posting, but I'll see you all on the flipside. (Ireland, here we come!)