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Friday, August 13

On Boxing

When TDT and I agreed it was probably a good idea I move over with her, we set a date. John gets his results on the 26th of August, and the following weekend is a bank holiday, which is perfect as a moving day. I know this, because I moved 6 years ago to the day to this house. So, with the decision made that the 28th would be D-Day (or should that be M-Day?), I sent out some emails.
"Dear sirs. I am looking to move to Ireland at the end of August, and I notice you do removals. I will be mostly using boxes, but also wish to transport two bikes, a fridge and a freezer. I will do all my own packing, and I just need the transporting. Is this something you can help me with?"
Removals men all over the UK started to rub their hands with glee. Then I started getting the calls with the quotes. The first was, I thought, a tad unreasonable.
"We'll move you and your stuff for the princely sum of £2,300"
I politely declined the offer ("How fucking much? You're having a laugh!") and thought surely someone would come back with a more realistic figure. No is the short answer. Prices ranging from £2,000 up to £4,800 (using an aircraft!) came in. I then realised a new plan of attack is needed.
I regularly see a trucking firm, based out of Ireland, trekking up and down the M4 near here.
Nolan Transport are based near the port of Rosslare, gateway to the Republic of Ireland. A scan of their website showed they have offices in Shannon and Swansea, so they're perfect. The problem is they really only do heavy haulage from yards with forklifts. I'd have to manhandle all my belongings into the back of their truck, and to be honest, the quoted price of £300 upwards has made me a little nervous.
Meanwhile, I needed boxes. Another of the removals companies asked me if I wanted any boxes. I replied to the affirmative, and they offered me one hell of a good deal. The delightful Vanessa (such a shame she has a brummie accent, but hey ho) took my order on Wednesday for 15 large boxes, measuring half a meter on all edges (about 1.5 feet per edge, Dad), and they are made of really hardy two layer cardboard. All for £32.50.
I now have another plan. I'm sure TDT's getting fed up with all the changes, but I just want it done quickly and easily, with as few breakages, and as little cost and labour as possible. So, today I'm looking for a large trailer, and a tow bar. I'm also looking to price a ticket on the ferry for the same trailer. I can sell the trailer once I get to Ireland, so cost isn't too much of an issue, and I will have everything there as soon as I arrive. I just hope I can swing this in my favour. Unless you have any other suggestions?