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Friday, September 24

On Irish Names

Here's something fun for you to try over the weekend. I've going to give you a list of Irish Names, I'd like you to guess at their pronunciation. You'd think I'd know by now, but let's face it, the Irish are seriously taking the mick (bdum tish) when it comes to their spellings. Oh yeah, and TDT isn't allowed to play. I've taken the liberty of doing the first two for you, giving you an idea of how hard they are!
  • Niamh - Neev
  • Diarmuid - Dermood
  • Domhnall
  • Eithne
  • Fionnghuala
  • Róisín (I still keep getting this wrong)
  • Muadhnait
  • Caoimhe
  • Meadhbh
  • and finally, Blathanaid
Good luck!