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Thursday, September 23

On shooting your teacher

I know it's a headline with a difference. News started to filter through yesterday that a child had shot his P.E. teacher in the main school where John could have gone. This lead me to remember something that happened, not surprisingly at my school.
It was the first year, and the teachers wanted to entrust their new students and make them welcome. Well into the year, and they asked us to take in something to show off our hobbies. I seem to remember taking in a joystick, to show how I liked to play games. Someone else brought in an air rifle.
Yes, beggars belief doesn't it. The school that was to endure 60 expulsions (see: exclusions) a year allowed a child aged 11 or 12 (the legal limit for an airgun is 14) to bring in an air rifle. And pellets. The inevitable happened, and the child apparently shot the blackboard. To be honest, the only reason he didn't shoot the teacher was from what I remember it was Mr Fullman, and he had respect from the kids.
Back to yesterday's story, and people are understandably shocked. Irish Fiona was chatting to me about it, and saying how they're going to have to have metal detectors like in the US schools. No, I think what they need to do is discipline the child to the full extent of the law. They should introduce him to the armed police, who surround him and make him lie on the floor in the stress position. They then arrest him, and treat him like someone who was carrying a firearm, and charge him accordingly.
But, being a minor, he'll get his parents there. He'll cry a lot. He'll get sent home with a caution. And he'll probably do something worse next time.