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Friday, October 1

On Irish Town Names

First of all, here's last week's answers...

  • Niamh - Neev
  • Diarmuid - Dermood
  • Domhnall - Dunnal (Irish for Donald)
  • Eithne - Enya. Sail away sail away sail away...
  • Fionnghuala - Fenella, as in Fielding or Fudge.
  • Róisín (I still keep getting this wrong) - Row-sheen. I have to admit more than once I've said "Roy sin."
  • Muadhnait - Moo Nit. Kinda like Mona.
  • Caoimhe - This one has me in stitches. Queever. Yes. Isn't it.
  • Meadhbh - Maeve, which apparently means "intoxicating." No comment.
  • and finally, Blathanaid - Blon eth. No, I have no idea how either.
And for your entertainment, here's some fake Irish towns, but they could and should exist...
  • Kissykissy - Has a singles festival once a year.
  • Killbilly - Where you'd like your boss to live.
  • Knockknock - Strangely devoid of doorbells.
  • Bunuvven - Home to the highest pregnancy rate in Ireland.
  • Cumhir - Popular with tourists.
  • Leitirtobreshnev - Where scouser Margi Clarke lives.
  • Inisoutis - Shake it all aboutis.
  • Loch Stoch - Home of the Coopers.
  • Tralala - Where the annual Banana count takes place.
  • Derrymilch - Hmmm, chocolate.