King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Tuesday, November 30

On bad answers

So, here for your entertainment, is the answers given at last week's quiz. You can see why we didn't win.
  1. What gas is the earth's atmosphere 80% made up of? - I said Nitrogen, TDT wrote down Hydrogen. Can you imagine the fun to be had with voices and naked flames.
  2. Where are Hyundai cars made? I said Korea, then (in)corrected myself and changed it to Malaysia. Oops.
  3. What is the capital of Haiti? (we did get this right in the end...) Porter Prints. *cough*
  4. What is Tiger Woods' real first name? Leopard.
  5. Where was snooker invented? Scotland. Something I'm sure of, because it was invented by golfers unable to get on the course.
  6. When did England first win the Rugby World Cup? I said 1992. I was right. Eddie, God of all things Rugby, said 1996. I was outvoted.
  7. Who refereed Saturday's Rugby game between Ireland and South Africa (Not sure on the Irish opponent, but I'm taking a wild guess) Brian Cowen. We were closer then some of the answers.
  8. Where are the Lachrymal Glands? Lac = Lactate, so I said in the boobs. It was enough to make a man cry.
  9. Who's this? I thought it looked like Sarah Jessica Parker. Gordon Ramsey would disagree.
  10. What were we doing, expecting to actually win? Pissing in the wind, I think.