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Monday, November 29

On Poorly Pussies

Poor Shallot. His persistence in spraying, and the ensuing smell meant that he had to become slightly less male. So an appointment was made for him to be neutered. The phone call to the vet on Wednesday was interesting.
"How much will it be?" I asked.
"Between €45 and €60" came the reply.
TDT and I started to ponder what the price difference could entail. She asked was it dictated by the size of the bits, whereas I replied that it might be if they have to use nail scissors or garden shears.
*watches the male readers grimace*
Meanwhile, the vet was welcoming on a chilly Thursday morning. Whilst I was there, I asked him to check out Shallot's teeth, because he had problems eating and would sometimes let out a scream. The vet explained that he could give the cat a full dental examination, cleaning away any tartar (why he'd been eating a fish sauce, I've no idea) and plaque, and removing any teeth beyond repair.
Sure enough, I got the call mid afternoon to go and collect him. The vet produced a small bottle, with cotton wadding inside. I knew by his body language he was going to show me something unpleasant. Poor Shallot had broken two teeth side by side in the past, and now the raw nerves were sticking out from the broken teeth. You can see the image here, but be warned, it's not for the squeamish. Meanwhile, Shallot returned home in a slightly shaken state. He went for a walk in the garden, and fell over. So, I returned him to his favourite bed and he slumbered. In the evening he appeared when he heard TDT's voice (as he always does), with a face as if to say "What have you both done to me?" before returning to TDT's seat where he zonked all evening. The vet had told me he'd be thirsty, so plenty of water or milk to drink. I know he doesn't drink water because he can't really see it, so I gave him milk. Those who know cats know that this is a bad thing, because it can cause diarrhoea. Next morning saw TDT helping him down from his corner, and she was shocked to hear dribbling on the floor. Yes, Shallot had become a squitty kitty. TDT left for work making "boilk" noises. I know I shouldn't find this funny. But I do, ok? Shallot, meanwhile, is all back to normal. In fact, he seems so relieved that his toothache has gone that he hasn't seemed to realise that his knackers are now in a cheap Tesco packet of Sausages somewhere.