King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, November 24

On the greatest Canadian TV show ever.

I have to admit, I do like some daytime TV. I'm addicted to Bargain Hunt, and deliberately sit down every day with my lunch to watch two muppets lose £130 on a pair of faux silver candlesticks. Immediately afterwards however, at the moment, is the best Canadian TV show ever. Back in 1995 I remember a new series being shown at 8pm on Monday nights on the BBC, all about a Mountie who had followed his father's (and hero's) murderer to Chicago. He has learnt everything about being a most excellent constable, but nothing about the ways of the world. He's dramatically polite, eloquent, dry and calculated. He also comes with a deaf wolf sidekick (!) and the ghost of his now dead father haunting him. He made friends with the wideboy US/Italian Chicago detective, and through bureaucracy, ends up living in Chicago, where he works for the Canadian Consulate as a doorman (!). He spends his time then help his fellow detective, solving crimes in a truly inspired way. Yes, of course I'm talking about Due South, the best Cop show ever.

It went on to also have guest star Leslie Nielsen, as the slightly unhinged officer. It was nice to see him doing such a strong role, with such a strong cast. Now admittedly, towards the end of it's life, it just got silly. Vecchio, the US detective was replaced by someone else, but insisted he was the same person. Frasier (the main character) was going off the rails too often. They blew up Vecchio's 1971 Buick Riviera every episode, and even though there were only 48 left in circulation according to him, they would find another by the next episode. They should have stuck with the original cast, similar story lines, and the most excellent background music. So, this week's video is a homage to Due South.