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Wednesday, March 23

The best comedy sketch ever?

Last week was comic relief's Red Nose Day, and once again they got the great James Cordon to do a sketch about helping the BBC to get someone famous to go to Africa. Now, don't get me wrong, it's very funny. Rio Ferdinand not crying is clever, Gordon Brown making himself look more of a twat then usual is entertaining, and Ringo Starr is still alive, even though I thought he was dead.

The problem is everyone is saying it's the best comedy sketch ever. I have to disagree. But I wonder, is this the same people who 5 years ago said that Little Britain had the funniest sketch ever.

I must apologise for that incredibly unfunny sketch. But then again, I rank Little Britain in the same league as League of Gentlemen and The Office. So I got thinking, what would be the greatest comedy sketch ever? Here are some of my choices, starting with the great Not the Nine O' Clock News team.

Of course another great is almost anything with John Cleese, so let's pick his most famous moment.

Now in my humble opinion the Americans haven't done that many stand-out sketches, but I do have to say that Frasier's clip of Niles getting ready for a date is priceless.

And finally, who can forget the Two Ronnies? Not I, so here's Four Candles for you. Enjoy :)