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Wednesday, March 9

On Car Chases

Here's a ponderous question for you. What is the best car chase in the movies? Last night I showed TDT the car chase from the Bourne Identity, and that got me thinking.

That was one of the last car chases done by the great Remy Julienne, and whilst very short, shows every kind of swift movement in an old Mini Cooper. So then I thought what else was a great car chase, and of course this one came up.

Considering this was done over 40 years ago, without the aid of CGI and large insurance policies, it's still one of the greatest. Again, it was done by the French team of Julienne, and to this day I still feel my heart miss a beat at some of the stunts. Of course though, the Yanks would like to claim they have the best car chases. I have to agree on a couple. The Blues Brothers is one of the most spectacular films for car chases, but unfortunately it's virtually impossible to get online. I found this clip instead, of their first clash with the police.
The second great film chase, and this week's video of the week, has to be the 1968 classic with Steve McQueen, Bullitt.
The simple effect of the hills of San Francisco, along with 1960s muscle cars and truly awesome soundtrack means that you really feel yourself lifting over the bumps.