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Wednesday, March 16

On cunning plans

I have an idea. How about we take all the nasty, granny mugging, hoodie wearing, Escort driving, Drum and Bass Listening scrotes that are on the streets, and teach them some respect? How would we do this? Well, back in the day, there was a thing called National Service, or more informally, the short sharp shock. Every man (except Poo jabbers, who were illegal anyway) between 18 and 25 would have to sign up for 2 years in a military service. There, they would learn to make beds, shine shoes, march in lines, and most importantly, value themselves and others. Respect was foremost in their thoughts, and failure to 'soldier' was going to make you a social leper and outcast. I have to admit, being of the faticus bastardicus variety of homosapiens, I would struggle, but I'm sure I would get fit and my mates would ensure I got on with it.
So, back to today, and the youth courts around the land would wring their hands with glee if they could see Lee, 22, from Essex convicted of TWOC and sent down to do a short sharp shock. Oh, hang on, ITV did it a few years ago with a series called "Bad Lads Army". It most definitely worked, turning these undesirables into polite young men. Some even joined up for the real army. But, those that didn't play ball would face the wrath of Provost Sergeant Weston, a man mountain with big shouty voice and terrifying array of punishments. In fact, so much so, that's this week's clip. Watch with half terror, half glee as a hard man is broken, made to almost cry, and recoil in horror at nothing more than a voice with excessive volume. It's delightful.