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Wednesday, June 15

On freaky, trippy, drug taken cartoons

TDT had a link on her bookface, telling her to watch this cartoon. We sat there, mesmerised at the bad quality, scary voices, awful story line and creepiness of it all. But, and more worryingly, we watched it until the end through our fingers, with mouths open and aghast.

The funny thing is, I posted this to bookface myself, and one of the quietest girls in my old neighbourhood when I was a kid commented on it. I'm guessing everyone else was as horrified as us, but she said "watch the episode friends."
In fact we were so horrified, we did. And this really is taking the now established boat that is the first episode, and pushing it out waaaaa-aaaay beyond any realms of normality. Obviously we then have to pass it on to you, and watch with glee as you get as freaked out as we did.