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Thursday, June 23

On crime and punishment.

It is with interest I read about another homeowner stabbing an intruder. Harking back to the days of Tony Martin, the farmer from Norfolk who 12 years ago shot a chav in the back as he was legging it out of Tony's house after being discovered. Poor Tony had been subjected to repeated burglaries, presumably by the same miscreants, up to 10 times, and had finally snapped when he heard more noises from downstairs. Grabbing his illegally held shotgun, he loaded it, walked to the top of the stairs, and fired upon the two shadows now clambering out of the window in panic. The younger member died from shots to his back (lucky him), but the older chav escaped and proceeded to claim for "loss of earnings" (!). Photos later showed him cycling and climbing, and the case was thrown out. Meanwhile, the innocent farmer who was protecting his property after the Police refused to help was released after 3 years.
I have to admit, if I caught someone in the house in the dead of the night, they wouldn't walk out. I'm not coming across as machismo, I just would like to think that if I called the Gardai, they wouldn't get here until next March, and I can't see me holding onto the perpetrator until then. I would also put across my point that maybe our house wasn't the best house to invade. After I'd delivered my justice, I'd take them to somewhere secluded and leave them, naked, and unable to find their way home.
That way I would give them a sporting chance to get help.