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Thursday, January 3

On expensive hotels

No, we haven't won the Euromillions. And no, we haven't been staying in expensive hotels. But, we have been watching a new fly on the wall documentary about Claridges (or as TDT called it, "The Claridge"). One single episode had us hooked, when we were informed about it's penthouse suite, with £6995 nightly (!) price tag. An unknown pop star (we're guessing Madonna) was due to stay in the suite for a month (with a bill of over £200k), but required a jacuzzi. So, they refitted the entire bathroom with a new jacuzzi, but also finished it off with granite and marble surrounds. One regular visitor has her pampered pooch with her on trips to London, and stays in the hotel. In fact, she stays so often, said mollycoddled mutt even has it's own bowls and towel (obviously a fan of Ford Prefect). The best thing about the whole programme however was one of the butlers. A delightfully softly spoken gentleman from Limerick, who's buttled for 34 years. When asked if he was jealous, he just said he enjoyed seeing how they lived, and not wanting it himself. He was humbling and a joy to behold. Something the residents weren't.