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Wednesday, January 2

On Round Robins

The Merkins (and I presume Canadians) have a tradition of 'Round Robins' every Christmas. They are letters enclosed with Christmas cards, that summarize the last year in the sender's life. They normally contain complete drivel about the son who's started his own legal practice or the daughter's mysterious lump that smells of tuna. Well I happen to have laid my hands on a real round robin, and it had me and TDT in stitches, so I have to share it with you. It is real, but the names have been changed to protect the guilty. (Our comments are the ones in italics.)
Our bittersweet year is ending. In February we lost a good friend to Lou Gehrig's Disease (Google it. We did). His optimism and good humour was an inspiration to us. He carried his infirmity with grace and dignity. Another friend has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and may not live to see summer (I know, depressing, isn't it?). She too has been has been an inspiration to us for her acceptance and as she put it "I've had a good ride." (oooookay... too much information there.)
Some of our grandchildren are now young adults. Alice is a freshman at (insert obscure university here) studying nursing and dance (well that should brighten up the wards). A third generation of nurses in the family (but dancing ones are a first). Sharon, 16, will be headed to (insert major American city here) in 2014 to study theater. The youngest, Mary, is three and a delight. She now calls us on the phone to chat - a one way conversation. (shouldn't you let her talk then?)
Gary and I had two nice trips. Jamaica (no, she went of her own accord. B'dum-tish) in March and a river cruise through southern France in May. Marvellous. (For you maybe, but we're not bitter.) Maybe one of these days we will get back to Ireland. (Then again, maybe you won't)
Two years ago our 18 year old cat dies. We swore we would not get another one but guess what? (go on, surprise me...) Tigger is now part of our family. It's good to be a cat owner again (for who? You or the cat?)
Sandy (the Storm) (I didn't think you meant Olivia Newton John's character in Grease) was devastating to so many people. Winds were 80 miles an hour here plus we had high tides and a full moon. Houses were swept into the ocean most of which were summer cottages but folks in NJ and NY lost everything. (Isn't this a bundle of laughs?) The generosity of the Americans never fails to amaze me. I went to a tea (a tea? As in one leaf?) yesterday afternoon - yes, a real tea with china cups and saucers etc (why Mr. Ambassador, you spoil us) and we bought items for the people in NY and NJ. A friend of ours is going down with a truck Tuesday to deliver goods to a distribution center. People are either homeless or living with friends or family. A huge concert was was held in NYC to raise money. (Ah yes, but it was no Live Aid...)
Our President was re-elected. (oh gawd, time for politics.) With all his faults on leadership he is still the best person for the job. With so much going on in the world and right here at home we should not change captains. (it worked for the Germans.)
Sandy Hook School has us mesmerised. (You know how to cheer us up, don't you?) Everyone has been affected by it. 6 and 7 year olds had their lives violently taken away. It makes no sense and we grieve with the families of this senseless killing. (Just hand me that sharp knife will you)
Enjoy the holiday season (yeah, you really made me all warm and fuzzy inside). May peace and contentment be yours in the New Year.