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Friday, October 28

On Halloween, and Scary Websites.

Ok, you'll be glad to know I'm not going to make you jump this year. Instead, a company has a more refreshing way of making you scared. Imagine, if you will, a scrawny hacker accessing your facebook page. He looks through your wall, has a browse of your photos, checks out your friend list, and even looks up how to get to your home. He then takes a drive to see you, and you'll notice how he has your picture taped to his dashboard. This is really disturbing, and makes you almost shudder. Luckily, it's not true, but just a really well programmed facebook application. It just shows you just how much information you allow to be accessed when you open that program in your facebook account. It's been out a week, and apparently has already had 2 million hits. It's making many news websites, being dubbed the new "Blair Witch Project." But, like BWP, it's not that scary. It's what you don't see that makes you scared. Meanwhile, go and have a look yourself. And sleep well tonight.