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Tuesday, January 15

On amalgords

I know texting's annoying when it's shortened. You know, the sort of "Hw R U?" diatribe that makes us ashamed to speak one of the most complex languages in the world (and I say that not in a complimentary way). But in recent years, we've invented something faaaaaaar worse. Amalgamating two fairly harmless words in such a way to make even the most hardened Californian surfer dude wince isn't a good thing. Let me show you what I mean.
  • Car-cation or stay-cation. Both words for types of holidays. One using how you get there, the other using where you go.
  • Glamping. Glamorous camping. Rly???
  • Pissarhea - The moment after too much drink where you have to take a leak every 5 minutes.
  • Shurious - When you have to ask if someone's sure and serious. I know. Shoot me now.
  • Amalgameaning - Making a new word from two other words. Not that we know what that is, right?
  • Chillax - Yes. Blood pressure, anyone?
Now, don't get me wrong. I have and do have some of my own mixtures.
  • Kinell - best from a distance, as in "Far kinell..."
  • Phonesex - The less said about this, the better.
  • Fugly - What I see in the mirror every morning. Don't plaumase (check with TDT for spelling or real worldly-ness) me.
So, what about some new ones?
  • Toriberal - See the current UK government.
  • Polirish - Someone from Shannon.
  • Fordvo - What Volvo became when Ford took them over.
  • Assject - What else, but half project, half assignment.