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Friday, June 23

Bad Drivers

We all know how much I dislike bad drivers, unfortunately something that is all too common in the area I live. One of my pet hates is people that drive so slowly, as to almost deliberately hold everyone else up. But more inspired is when I see someone driving badly in the Police sense of the word. Not just slightly bad, but tailgating, speeding when not in complete control sort of badly. So imagine my delight when I got this earlier in the week. It's a tunnel in Russia, apparently recently becoming declared the "worst stretch of road in the world." Imagine a fast stretch of motorway, followed by a tunnel, with a rather sharp corner inside(!) and loads of Russian drivers who have forgotten how to drive. Not just mothers on the school run, oh no, watch for the professional drivers like the bendy bus (!) or the 2 lorries.

Prepare to drop your jaw in disbelief.

(p.s. requires windows media player, download is about 3mb.)