King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Thursday, June 22

Gloucester Bound

So, being a Friday, midsummer, and a man of leisure, I headed eastbound to the wrong side of the border for a delectable weekend with my delightful acquaintance, Kath in Gloucester.
A weekend of drunken debauchery was promised, but only half made it there. Such delights as home delivery by Domino’s Pizza (something I don’t have here) and being woken by the bells (“the bells, the BELLS!”) of Gloucester Cathedral. Johnaitch set into his rhythm of making friends quickly with Kathy’s children Ewantee and Hannahtee and much mirth was gained from his Saturday evening water fight, “Oi, that’s unfair…” Are there rules to water fights? The PC had out of date firewall software, and out of date antivirus, so both were fixed and the rest of the PC was checked.
Evenings were spent relaxing, with a subtle glass of Merlot or later on a pint or two of white cider(!). It would have been a perfect evening relaxing with good conversation and company if it weren’t for Big Brother and the excessive volume.
But still, I look forward to my next visit with baited breath. Even if the kids do slam the doors and Kath doesn’t like Tescos.