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Tuesday, June 20

Internet No-service providers.

This is a transcript of a letter I sent to my ISP tonight, after having months (and months and months) or problems.

For the past 6 months or so, I have had repeated problems with my connection. This can be something as typically annoying as your supplied modem reporting it can no longer connect and a complete reboot of my system and reset of the sync by unplugging the modem for an hour. I can then reconnect, and within an hour I can find myself in the same situation again. Diagnostics told me to do a line check using BT’s line test sign on, but the reality is if my line is okay for an hour, what is logging onto their test facility for 15 minutes going to prove?

I took the plunge and got myself a proper router, an Addon ARM8100 4 port router with ADSL modem inside. Now everything seemed to be better for a while, until service updates at your end now mean that I am lucky to be online for half an hour. I am currently experiencing no service at all, timeouts on my email, timeouts on my ftp, repeated port dropouts, loss of services like messenger, and all in all not satisfactory service at all.

This is exasperated by the fact I now have to go to your website to report any fault. After spending an hour answering questions on my connection, restarting repeatedly because my port 80 has died, I get told that there is nothing wrong or it will be escalated to a higher team and nothing then happens. I have spent too long on the phone pressing numbers only to be told that I can now only report a fault from your portal, which can be done easily just by accessing the website. I have then sat there for 30+ minutes waiting to speak to someone about the faults, before finally giving up.

I have been recommending your service to my customers for many years, as I am sure you can see from my referrals is the case. I am now finding more and more of them are starting to have similar problems, and I am worried that perhaps I have not made the right decision by sticking with Plus Net as the quality of your service is degraded further and further over time. I would like to know what you intend to do with my service, and maybe you can review your customer services and look to rectify them before I make any further recommendations.
Do you get the impression I'm unimpressed?

*edit* Now available on the BCS website, so you can read what others think.