King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, October 10


I have to change the video of the day today, to a congratulatory note for Mosh. Mosh has just got home, back to Newcastle, from Monte Carlo. Apart from the occasional boat, he walked it. All 1030 (in his own words 'roughly') miles! Now he did it for a company in Vietnam, a delightful organisation called the Blue Dragon Children's foundation. I've followed his progress through Europe, and his youtube videos have been enlightening. I've also been in touch with him on MSN, and he really was on the verge of giving up when his feet were killing him, but I guess talking to someone helped. He's shown utter determination all the way through, and I look forward to hearing his tales of mirth and woe when we finally meet. Don't forget, he'll still take donations, and it'd be good if you offered him something, anything... The BDCF were so grateful, they sent him a thank you message via youtube, and that's my video of the week. He said it almost had him in tears, I must admit I felt a lump in my throat after I saw it.