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Wednesday, May 21

Live Music

Live music is, by and part, shite. Paying £25 to go and see a miniscule artiste some 4 miles away sing exactly the same as he/she/they do on their album is a bloody good waste of time and money. There are of course, exceptions to the rule. Queen were the undeniable Gods when it comes to live performances, with Freddie Mercury making it a 110% memorable experience.
I tell people that apart from Queen, I can't think of a concert I'd ever have actually wanted to go to. I am of course lying. Back in 1993 Peter Gabriel did a concert for the Argies. He'd obviously sat down at the time and thought about how he can present this concert, and add nice simple effects that would enhance the musical experience. To say he succeeded would be an understatement. He took what is one of my favourite all time albums, and added a whole new dimension to his work...

Digging in the Dirt is all about consistent arguments between a husband and wife. It shows the anger in such an interesting way.

One of his oldest success stories is a song all about a tree in the African plains. The locals chant to this tree, and in return it bears fruit... (And watch out for a truly staggering female vocal. She's called Paula Cole and she has an amazing voice, and yet she's never been in the charts.)

And finally, my all time favourite Peter Gabriel track. The tale of an elderly man who realises that after decades of married life with his childhood sweetheart, he realises he's never actually loved her.