King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Thursday, January 29

20 things about me

Not much time today, so I thought I'd give you 20 things about me that you might or might not know.
  1. I was born 8 months after the decimal switchover in money in the UK. I have never spent a shilling.
  2. My family is a small one, consisting of my mother, my father, me and BLS. I have 2 aunts and an uncle on my mother's side, and 2 aunts on my father's side. I also have 2 cousins (one of each) on my mother's side, and 2 cousins (both female) on my father's side.
  3. I was the last male to carry my surname. John was the first of his generation in my family.
  4. I eat an apple a day, and have done for about 30 years. My doctor would disagree.
  5. I have three patents held in the UK patent office. 2 are European, one is worldwide.
  6. My middle name is Thomas. (stop sniggering at the back, or I'll reveal BLS's middle name.)
  7. I have an IQ of 144 (although I'll be damned if I can use it.)
  8. I have a mild astigmatism
  9. I am allergic to bananas and Imipramine.
  10. My favourite drink is white cider, but causes me panic attacks. I now drink red wine or lager.
  11. I use too many commas, and Capitalise to many wrong words.
  12. I have had an 18,000volt electric shock. (maybe that's where most of the IQ went?)
  13. I stand 5'8 on a good day.
  14. I have exceptionally good teeth, mainly due to a brace for two years as a teenager.
  15. I have qualifications in teaching and law (amongst others).
  16. My little finger on my right hand is attached via the knuckle to my ring finger, meaning I can't separate them very easily.
  17. I am immensely strong (as my father will testify to when it comes to hugs). I can easily carry more then my own bodyweight (and have, many times).
  18. I'm a dab hand with a scalpel.
  19. I have a photographic memory. (alcohol makes me forget to load film, however)
  20. My first ever job was in Burtons in Croydon, on the shoe concession.