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Wednesday, November 18

Recent events

We've been having bad weather here. On Saturday, the whole of the south of the UK saw winds near 100mph and flooding. I know it's the norm now for October and November, but it's still both exciting and depressing. Sunday was a very quiet day, and then Monday saw the same weather system move over us again, only now a lot weaker. 40mph winds were whipping up the sea, and whilst the weather was like this, a pair of bright sparks decided they'd pop over Worthing Pier, on the south coast. Literally. This week's video is a "'kin 'ell" video of the two of them kite surfing over the pier, by jumping 250 feet into the air. First of all, why? And secondly, are they mad? Meanwhile, the news showed the clip and urged others to not try to imitate the stunt (!). Just imagine if they'd got it wrong however, but fortunately they didn't, and what entails is amazing, if not mad.