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Thursday, February 25

On Gold for Sale

I got an email...
Gold for sale
Re: I do not need any financial assistance from you neither do you own me any financial obligation in this transaction.
Greeting, I am Mr. Jerry konoyima. My reason of contacting you is that we have Gold AU GOLD DUST Quantity: 240 kg every month or more Quality: 22 CARAT Purity : 97.56% for sell from Ghana and freetown Serria Leone. IF you are interested please reply this mail: with your full contact details, Detail will be giving in next mail.Wait to hear from you. I want to sale the gold 5% below international market price for gold.
Mr Jerry konoyima.
 Here's my reply...
Dear Mr. Konoyima, (what an unusual surname. Is it Welsh?)
Whilst I am very interested in your offer, I would like to point you to a better offer.

Yes, that's right. Cash4Gold (find them here: is a company that will give you a fair price for your gold. They'll send you a packet for you to put your unwanted gold in, and then you mail it back to them. The fact they have "Cash4gold" all over the envelope means that the Postal Services give them higher priority and no one working there decides to keep the gold for themselves at all. Admittedly you might need 2 or 3 of these packets to get the 240kg of gold to them from Sierra Leone (note spelling), but I'm sure they'll be more then happy if you "sale" it to them.
I hope this is of some help to you
Yours truly
Rik Aitch
I wonder if he'll reply.