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Monday, March 29

On google streetmap.

And so, a couple a weeks ago, we saw the latest unveiling from the search engine, that has nothing to do with searching whatsoever. Google streetview has been around for about a year, but has only covered a small minority of places. Well, the bloke in the VW has been very busy, and has been driving around for many many weeks with his camera and taking lots and lots of pictures. Admittedly, some of them are less than perfect (see "God's Pliers"), but most of them are very detailed and show some interesting points, in my life or in others.
First of all, places I've lived. I'm not about to reveal where I live. This is for two reasons. The first is I'm not that daft (not that I have a stalker or anything) and the second is because, believe it or not, as good as the coverage is, they haven't reached here yet! I can see it from a distance however.
  • Let's start with my main upbringing in "Saaf Landan." I can't believe they actually drove down a cul-de-sac to take pictures.
  • When I left, I went to live with my father in Reading.
  • Eventually I moved into my own place, just down the road.
  • I left the area and moved around a lot. For a while I lived in North Wales.
  • Eventually I settled in Essex. I lived for years with my mate Ian.
  • before moving out and getting my own flat for the impending arrival of John.
  • Needing a proper job, I left and moved North to work for a well known fruit machine manufacturer. Amazingly, this house was £15 a week less than the tiny 1 bedroom flat in Southend.
  • I was only there for 6 months, before moving just up the road. John vaguely remembers here.
  • Working my way up, I ended up moving to my now locality, and the old house.
Ok, so what about interesting places that I can also cover.
  • How about my mate Carl (he of Fed Ex). His Dad's quite clearly visible.
  • Puuuubbbbb!
  • The Co-op I'm now banned from!
  • John's first school, which you'll note is at collection time. You'll also note how the lazy parents have parked in the bay clearly marked "Keep Clear."
  • John's school now, which he informs me must have been a Thursday because the kids can be seen going to Assembly.
  • BLS's place. Note the difference in weather...
  • And finally, Dad's place. Wave Dad, we want to see you! (before you ask, I have deliberately made it not too obvious which one's his.)
Please to be showing me where you live or have lived.