King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Monday, March 15

On lacking of postage

Friday saw me leaving up at the sparrow's fart to go and collect TDT from Bristol Airport for the last time. As of the end of this month Ryanair are no longer flying from Shannon, so from now on we'll be looking at other options. This also meant we stopped to do some shopping in South Wales' retail outlet and spending a fortune on clothes in Sainsbury's. We also got TDT's mum an instant hot water maker thingy like mine, only a newer and posher version. We finally got home just after 5, and it was just too late to blog.
Today however was completely the opposite. It all started at 4am as John redecorated my bathroom with rich red vomit. This continued until 7am, and he's been asleep all day. I meanwhile had to take TDT back to Bristol, so left at 7:30 and returned just about 5 hours later. I have then slept until 4 this afternoon, and only now have gotten up. John, meanwhile, is still doing a passable impression of a sheet and so he'll be off school tomorrow.
Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.