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Wednesday, May 26

On Motorbikes

Yes, I know they're dangerous. My first experience of how dangerous they are is when my father returned home sans front teeth following a mishap with his motorbike. But, I think I can categorise 99% of accidents in two cases.
First of all, the rider is a twat. Probably a middle aged lawyer/doctor/accountant, with a mid-life crisis and a need for excitement. He gets the fastest bike he can afford, and with very little training goes and tries to kill himself. Normally successfully.

Then there is the genuine accident, caused by the person in the car not observing the bike rider. Be warned, this next clip is more upsetting because it's so graphic.

Although I have to admit, on closer inspection it appears that the impact is actually caused by the biker changing to the right hand lane just as the faster car returns to the left hand lane, so in my opinion they're both at fault.
Now the thing is, professional bikers know that safety is paramount. Body armour, a good helmet and everything required are not only a good idea, but essential. And also a good amount of training and/or experience ensures safety as well. Riding a 1500cc bike at 150mph is great if you've been riding for 20 years, but not after a few weeks. And yet, accidents still happen. This week's video is of a guy coming off at 170mph on the Isle of Man TT. More amazing is he gets away with it almost unharmed. It's a testament to how much safety equipment has come on.