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Wednesday, June 30

On being born under a bad sign...

If you were a glazer and you had a tendency to break glass, you'd find a new career. If you were allergic to peanuts, and yet worked in an M&M factory, you'd have to find a new career. Some people are just not destined to do their jobs, and they need to take stock of this.
Now, admittedly, racing cars is dangerous. Almost all of the world's favourite F1, Nascar or Rally drivers have been involved in some sort of crash. But, poor Mark Webber seems to have been poked with a shitty stick when it comes to luck and cars. Let's go back to his early days, of driving Formula Ford.

The low speed means that it's quite a slow and not very spectacular. He moved on from Formula Ford, and got into Le Mans, where he crashed.

Realising he might be better off in something else, he got into F1. In 2003 he crashed.

Then, in Japan, he had food poisoning. It's enough to make a man sick...

And then this weekend, and the video of the week, has to be his most excellent crash, taking out an advertising hoarding above the track. He needs to get a safe job, like crocheting.