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Thursday, July 1

On insomnia

Now I know it's easy to sneer at someone with insomnia. It can be blamed on a multitude of things. Alcohol (check). Daytime naps (check). Warm nights (check). Stress and worry (not particularly). But the fact of the matter is for the past few weeks I've found myself falling victim to the land of no sleepy at night, and I have no real reason for it.
During the day, I'm dead! My brain suffers with no wakey for hours, and I find it difficult to engage even first gear. Then by lunchtime I'm forced to kick it into high gear, and it starts to function at a level that's passable. Then by 4 or 5 o'clock it finds that it is still unbearably tired, and it's time to return to sleep. I can go for a sleep, and might only snooze for 20 minutes, or an hour, but not long enough. I then wake up with a "zombiefied" feeling, normally signified with a text to TDT "Fnarg."
I spend the evening feeling tired but human, and then by 10pm I'm waking up. What, the, and indeed, fuck? Midnight arrives, and I'm like a raver on too much acid. I try to wind my mind down by watching Murder She Wrote or some other drivel, or reading *really* boring things like the fashion tips in Take A Break. None of which work. Last Saturday I went to bed at 2. I woke up at 2:42, and was wide awake. I then was treated to the delight of lying in bed, and watching the fingers of light strain across the horizon as it got light. I eventually fell asleep about 5:30. And again, woke at just before 9. Again, I laid in bed, feeling tired and "fnarg," until John came to stir me.
And then today it all had one advantage. I had to get up at 3:30 this morning to come to TDTs. I arrived safely, and have snoozed for a little over an hour this afternoon, and I'm all ready to go again. If this carries on, I'll be in danger of keeping up with TDT over the weekend. Yay for insomnia!