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Thursday, August 26

On unusual sayings

Now, don't get me wrong, I do say some funny things. Until recently I'd confuse "then" and "than," and it was only my father pointing it out that it was wrong making me fix it. I have a few pet gripes when it comes to things people say. You all know it's a router (pronounced rooter, not rowter), but the other two that get on my man boobs are "Pacifically" instead of "specifically." Unless, of course you are being specific about the largest ocean, it's not right. The other one is "Ginormous," which is a really childish and bad mixture of Gigantic and Enormous. It's also not a real word.
But, sayings are even more fun. When I moved to Manchester 15 years ago from Essex, a Twat was a couple of things. First of all, a piece of leisure equipment, and secondly, someone silly. So, imagine my surprise when one of the staff was offering to take his colleague out for a "right twatting." Lucky bugger, I thought. I was wrong.
TDT has some gems from my soon to be new home. I've found myself "giving out." This is again, not something akin to the Essex saying of "Putting out." Although I have known some people to "Give out after putting out." It's basically arguing, or having a go at.
The other stoically traditional (it would seem) Irish saying is when you hang up. Most people would end the conversation as follows.
"Ok, speak soon. Bye."
That's not normal in Ireland. It has to end like this...
"Ok, bye, love you, bye, bye, love you, bye." the whole time getting quieter and moving the mouthpiece away from your mouth. If you're standing up, you also need to bend over following the phone as you move it away as well.
The final Irish saying that I haven't worked out is "I'm just popping to the pub for a quiet quick drink." This sentence is full of oxymorons. The Irish do not pop anywhere. They also do not have a quiet drink. Or a quick one. If an Irishman offers to take you to the pub for a quick pint, book tomorrow off. You're going to need it with the 16 pints of Guinness and the 5 am finish.