King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Thursday, April 14

And the award for worst customer service goes to...

Ebuyer. The supplier I have used for a decade has been truly one of the worst companies ever when it comes to how they deal with their customers. Back in the dark days of the start of the millennium, they would send out stuff that was previously opened, used, installed, or broken and sent back, and not tell you it was secondhand. This is illegal, and at the time they were done. I've also seen them send the wrong items, and charge a handling fee for returning it, send the wrong item and refuse to accept it as a return, refund the wrong price on an item after it was on sale that week the refund was given, promise to send a replacement and not done so, the list goes on... and on. So much so in fact, some bright spark set up a website to complain about them
So why did I use them? Well that's easy. They're cheap. Very very cheap. You can spend a couple of hours looking around for better prices, and save maybe a pound or two, but most of the time it's quicker and easier just to use them. I must have order thousands and thousands with them over the years, and I've seen every trick in the book to get more money out of me. Sometimes I've been prepared to pay it just to get the stuff I want.
As of this week I will no longer be using them. Not because they've ripped me off, not because their customer service has moved to India, not because the MD, a Mr. Armando Sanchez, hasn't replied to my email. No, something much simpler. Ireland is no longer accepted as a delivery destination. Back before Christmas I helped someone to order some bits. Before he could he had to email a scan of his passport and a recent utility bill. Imagine if you had to do this with every company you were buying online from. He gave up in the end, and I don't blame him. Well this week I went to order some stuff for someone, and it decided "We no longer ship to Ireland." We cancelled and went elsewhere.
So, if you're reading this Mr. Sanchez, I feel like a person who's been forced to give up the fags. I don't want to, I know it'll be better for me, but in time my addiction will wear off and I won't give a toss.

*edit* I sent a rant like this to their forums, in the hope someone would take note and rectify. What did they do? Remove the post, and point me to their rules which include "no anti-ebuyer comments". Unbelievable.