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Wednesday, April 13

On Children watching Children's Videos.

Those of you UK bound will I'm sure remember the best charidee song evah, from Children in need in 2009. Take loads of well known kids TV characters, from all over the world, and get them to join in on a medley. All for free, and the most amazing thing was a lot of the voices have since gone into retirement. They were tracked down, licenses were made available, and the culminating track was superb.

Now, fair to say, kids don't appreciate the politics. They do however appreciate good singing and animation, and so my ickle niece C.A.R.Y.S. (Can Arsenal Ruin Your Season?) enjoyed it. I suspect one of the reasons she squeals with delight is because her Mummy squealed with delight when she first saw it, recognising the characters from her childhood. But not wanting to miss out, I had to share it as well.