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Monday, May 23

On Birthdays

It's strange isn't it. My mother was one of those people who shares who birthday with loads of other people. In fact, in my life I have known a good dozen or so people with birthdays on November the 14th, my mother being one of them. Prince Charles is another. One of my best friends in primary school was another culprit, along with our cub scout leader. Oh, and my ex's father. And my aunt (but that'll be because my mother is a twin). You get the picture. 9 months before November the 14th must be a very busy night in beds around the world. Oh, hang on, the 11th month take away 9, the second month. Aha! February 14th, it's all become clear.
Then there's today. May the 23rd. Today I have a large list of events on facebook, but I remember it as Cynthia's birthday (she would have been 41 today). It was also the day I left school, some 23 years ago(!). But, according to facebook, it's also my cousin's husband's birthday. 2 of TDT's friends, Sinead and Gretta are celebrating. A friend from secondary school, Mervyn, is also another victim, but I seem to remember vaguely him having his birthday on leaving day, so it's not surprising. And finally a friend back in Southend is breaking out the champagne. So, what happened 9 months before? August 23rd anyone? I'm guessing, parents to be are on holiday, and are enjoying the three s's, sun, sea and sex.
I can see tomorrow everything returning to normal, with maybe 1 or 2 birthdays. Isn't it strange how we get bursts of birthdays?